Electronic Parts Fundamental & Applications

As beginners to electronic parts and the construction of electronics projects, sometimes one may just take all the information provided in the magazines and start to build the project.

The schematics and PCB provided may not be understood fully and if there is a mistake in the information, one may not be able to troubleshoot the printed circuit board. Therefore, it is important that one understands why each electronic parts or electronic component is used and its unique characteristics.

The primary battery is intended for one time use only and is disposed after the charge has dropped to a level that cannot be used. The secondary battery can be recharged many times and is reusable. 

Capacitor Types 
An introduction to fundamental of capacitors. Electrolytic, ceramic, tantalum, metallized polyester and safety types are introduced here. This device is the most common electronic parts to be found in any design.

Digital Light Sensor 
In applications such as lighting controls, heating ventilation and air conditioning controls or temperature controls system, there are times when you will need to adjust the control parameters based on the intensity of the ambient light. You may want to consider using Intersil ISL29001 digital light sensor. 

Digital Temperature Sensor 
The recent decade has seen the use of integrated circuits devices in many temperature controlled related systems because they are much smaller, provide a more accurate measurement and simpler to be integrated to other digital control devices. 

Diode is a common device in most electronics devices. This page discussed their basic characteristics and applications in electronics project. 

Electroluminescent Lighting and Drivers 

Electroluminescent lighting is achieved by using an EL lamp which is a piece of plastic material coated with a phosphorous material. When a high voltage of 40V or greater is applied across this material and reverse, it will emit light. Fundamental of EL and driver are provided here. 

Electronic Project Enclosures for housing assembled PCB 
Electronic Project Enclosures are often needed to house assembled printed circuit board and other electronic parts. Some basics types are provided here. 

Heat Sink Characteristics 

When a junction temperature of a semiconductor rises above its maximum allowable temperature, there is a need to dissipate this temperature or else the device will breakdown. One of the common method used to dissipate the heat is using a heat sink. 

IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) 
The fundamental of IGBT and its characteristics are provided here. It has become a common device in motor controls in recent years. 

Inductor or Coil 
The fundamental of inductor, its characteristics and their applications in electronic devices are provided here. 

An introduction to liquid crystal display which is now being widely used in most of the electronics project. 

Introduction to LEDs, its fundamentals and applications in various electronic circuits. It is fast replacing incandescent bulbs in many applications. 

The use of microcontroller as a major part of an electronic device has become indispensable these days. 

Operational Amplifier 
The Operational Amplifier is a differential amplifier having a large voltage gain, very high input impedance and low output impedance. 

An introduction to carbon film resistors and their typical characteristics. It is one of the most common device that is used in almost every electronic device. 

Seven Segment Displays 
Fundamentals of Seven Segment Displays, its applications and drivers. 

Thermistors' fundamentals and Applications. 

Thyristors or SCR 
Thyristors are switching devices based on PNPN structure. They are very reliable and have current ratings up to a few thousands amperes and voltage ratings up to 5000V. 

Fundamentals and construction of Tranformers. 

Introduction To Transistors. A brief history and typical characteristics of transistor and graphs are shown here. 

A triac consists of two SCR connected in inverse parallel where the gates are connected together. The connections are labelled as MT1(Main Terminal 1), MT2(Main Terminal 2) and G(Gate). 

Varistor as a protective electronic parts 
Varistor is a voltage dependent device that clamp a voltage to a certain level and absorbed the energy to prevent damage to other parts of a circuitry. 

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