Security and Surveillance DIY Projects

Are you looking for surveillance projects to build? Unlike the olden days when crime rates and break-in are not as common as today, the need to install monitoring electronics devices has become more relevant today. Hence, if you do not have big budget to purchase a complicated system for your home, you can always construct your own system that meets your requirements.

Test for functionality and repeat-ability of the system you have created over a period of time to ascertain their stability. Modify and add other modules when you have additional budget.

The following projects will help you to understand the basics of how monitoring projects work. It will have topics such as constructing a siren that emits audible sound once intruder comes near, alarm when temperature reached a threshold and other projects which will be added from time to time. 

Temperature Switch Project 
This temperature switch uses a few discrete components to trigger a buzzer when the temperature of the surrounding increases. Suitable for use as a simple fire alarm indicator.

Simple Magnetic Contact Alarm Project 
This project is a standalone simple home monitoring project that will trigger a buzzer when the magnetic contact is opened. 

9V Door Bell Chime Project 
Build Your Own Door Bell Chime using 555 timer integrated circuit, a speaker, 5 resistors, 4 electrolytic capacitors, 1 ceramic capacitor, 3 diodes, 1 push button switch and 9 V battery as power supply. 

Mains Power Failure Alarm Project 
This project is a power supply monitoring device that will trigger a buzzer when the mains supply cuts off. At the same time, the light emitting diode will turn ON. 

Standalone Home Alarm Project 
Construct a simple home alarm project that will trigger an alarm for a duration of up to 220 seconds once the input contact is momentarily closed. 

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