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One of the ways to keep in touch with the engineering world is by reading magazines. You will learn to appreciate how the engineering industries evolved with the changing world. The advancement of electronics and information technology have made it necessary for all engineers to go beyond their defined scope of work and look into how these technologies can be used to design better products for consumers.

The following are some engineering free magazine that you can subscribe to cater for your various engineering needs. The magazines are FREE to download but take note that the publishers require that you provide your particulars before downloading is allowed.

Ultracapacitor Applications

The ultracapacitor is a good alternative to battery as a source of power. This capacitor can provide bursts of power in seconds over hundreds of thousands of cycles, giving you an edge if your design needs to have this performance. Also a good read in the event you need to incorporate this component in the future.

Military & Aerospace Electronics

Find out more about the electronic systems design, product development and production of the electronic products developed for the military and aerospace industry.

Vision Systems Design

This is the magazine for you if you are doing research and development on machine-vision systems, image processing and analysis.

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