Constructing your own Wireless Projects

Are you fascinated by the world of wireless and wondered how they worked? In the days before the advent of smart phones where WIFI and 3G/4G technology have become commonly available, simple infra-red and frequency modulation projects were the interesting projects for electronics enthusiasts.

Constructing these projects help to provide a good understanding and concept on the world of remote controls. The projects suggested will enable you to learn in greater details the concept of infrared, RFID and the principles of operation.

RFID Application and Design 
This project provides the basic of RFID and the application in the frequency range of 13.56MHz.

IR Remote Control Transmitter 
This project is based on integrated circuit from Holtek Semiconductor HT6221/HT6222. These ICs are commonly used in television and VCR infra red remote controls, garage door controllers, car door controllers, security systems and other remote control applications. 

Infrared Remote Control Decoding Project 
This project based on Microchip 16C57 microcontroller decodes infrared remote control signals from television, VCR, air conditioner or other home appliances handset that uses NEC 6121 infrared format. 

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