Microcontroller Project in Electronics Design

In the recent decade, microcontroller project has increasingly become a norm in the lives of students, teachers, home appliances and controls designers. It has evolved from 4 bit to 8 bit to 16 bit to 32 bit as more and more powerful silicon processes are put in place.

As the years gone by, the price of MCU has dropped by more than 50% making it a common device that is chosen over the more traditional analog type of circuitry. These days, it is not uncommon to find that the overall MCU based solution is much cheaper than its analog counterpart.

Some of the tips and methods of using MCU as well as some constructional projects are listed below. 

Microcontroller Project Keypad Decoding Tips 
Multiplexing of keypad in matrix arrangement helps to save the number of ports used. 

Using Reset IC in Microcontroller Application 
Reset IC is often needed as a power supply monitoring device for proper operation of microcontroller. 

Electronic Time Clock Project 
This application note uses an 18 pin PIC16C54 microcontroller as its core in the display and settings of a simple 4 digits electronic clock. 

Microcontroller Design Tips On EMC 
This article provides some tips how to minimise the effect of electromagnetic interference in MCU design. 

Buck Boost LED Driver Using Microchip 16F785 MCU 
This project uses buck boost converter circuit to drive a superbright 5.5W LED module that consumes up to 700mA of current. 

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