Final Year Electronic Projects Recommendation

Are you looking for ideas for your final year electronic projects? It is usually the norm of students in the field of electrical, electronics, telecommunication, computer or communication of most universities and colleges to complete a final year project. Each must synthesize the theory and experimental work they learned during the first two to three years in order to complete the project.

Under the supervision of their faculty supervisor, they must research, design, execute, document, and then present their work to the supervising committee.

A list of suitable topics will be offered by the university, from which preferred topics may be selected. Students sometimes will also have the opportunity to propose topics of their own devising, subject to approval for suitability.

Some of the projects which students may want to consider and get some ideas from are listed below. It usually involves the use of a microcontroller or a microprocessor in these projects. A lot of applications and ideas can be modified and build once they are familiar with circuit theory and operation.

Among the projects that one can consider is the utility metering projects which will become a norm in the near future. Hands-on of microcontroller projects will enable one to familiarise himself with the assembly language, C language and other tools that are used in the project.

Here are some of the final year electronic projects that you can get some ideas from.

Final Year Electronic Projects - Metering Project 
Electronic meters compared to traditional mechanical solutions in use offer several additional advantages to the utility market. The metering utilities that can be replaced are gas, water and electricity meters.

Biometrics Digital Signal Processing Project 
Biometrics is the technology used to analyze biological data. Its most recent application is in the area of security where the biological data of a person is used for personal identification and authentication before the person is allowed to proceed to enter a building or do any business transactions.

Bluetooth Technology 
Bluetooth technology is a radio frequency short range communications technology that was created with the intention of replacing wired cables that are used to connect various portable and fixed devices. Get some reference design for your final year electronic projects here. 

USB2.0 Card Reader Design Project 
This project provides a reference USB2.0 Card Reader design with schematics and source codes for Compactflash, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Duo, Magic Gate, Secure Digital, MultimediaCard and SmartMedia. 

X10 Home Automation Project 
This project discusses the implementation of X-10 on a PIC microcontroller to create a home controller that can both send and receive X-10 signals.

Sensorless Brushless DC Motor Control Project 
This project provides the application notes on the control of 3 phase sensorless brushless DC Motor. 

Lighting Networking System Project 
This project provides the application notes on the networking control of lighting devices using Digitally Addressable Lighting Interface Standard. 

Zigbee Wireless Project 
This project provides the application notes on the free frequency band wireless networking using Zigbee Standard. 

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