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Introduction to Free Electronics Design Software

If you are a student or a electronics hobbyist who does not need to have complicated electronics design software to help you in your design work, it is strongly recommended that you consider the following free electronics design software that can be downloaded. There are some software which allow you to use for 30 days or so before you decide to purchase them.

However, if you can live with limited feature, you can get a free download without having to pay for a full feature software.

Among some of the design software that can be downloaded are free PCB software, circuit analysis software and electromagnetic planar structure analysis software.

EAGLE PCB Layout Editor Software 
The EAGLE Layout Editor is a free PCB software (see the conditions) which is easy to use, yet powerful tool for designing printed circuit boards (PCBs). The name EAGLE stands for Easily Applicable Graphical Layout Editor. It has 3 main modules which consists of schematic editor, layout editor and autorouter. 

5Spice Analog Circuit Simulation Software 
5Spice is a graphical user interface software that offers easy to use analog circuit simulation for the electronic circuit designer. 5Spice provides the analysis capabilities needed by experienced circuit designers while remaining easy to use. The focus is on analog circuit analysis and circuit design at the component level. 

Multilayer Air Core Inductor Calculator 
Calculate the number of turns, DC resistance and other inductor data based on the input data of the inductance, coil inner diameter, coil length and wire gauge.

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